Portable Chemical Case (PCC) 10/500.

PCC 10/500 is developed for transportation of 1% chlorine-dioxide solution. The case is equipped with an
shock absorbing interior and a leakage absorbing material in the bottom. The case is delivered with the
required industry markings, including approval for “dangerous goods transportation”. 10pcs of 500ml bottles
are included.

PDFs:            Produktblad.pdf          Product sheet.pdf


Material                          Aluminium

Dimensions                   600x400x340 (mm)

Markings                       Approved for dangerous goods transportation and additional required markings.

Transport volume      10x500ml

Weight                           Approx. 11500g including 10pcs. of 500ml bottles (media excluded)


Mail: sales@proacab.com
Tel. +46 60 789 50 50
Adress: Södra Förmansvägen 12, 86341 Sundsvall


PDFs:              Produktblad.pdf          Product sheet.pdf



Kemikalieväska PCC 10/500

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